Front of Demne baby jacket.For Finn, 05.07.11

Pattern: Demne by knitsofacto, aka me!

Download pattern here. Ravelry project page here.

Size: newborn, to fit chest 16", garment measures 18"

Yarn: Sirdar Balmoral DK, 73% Wool/25% Alpaca/3% Silk, 100g/234m

Needles: 4mm (UK size 8, US size 5.5) 10" rosewood straights, and 3.5mm (US size 4) 10" rosewood straights for bind off.

Demne,hand knitted baby jacket.
Why Demne? Well, I set out to design something original for a friend's baby and I wanted to name it for him. She knew she was expecting a boy and had decided before he was born to call him Finn. This is the Finn of Irish legend - Fionn Mac Cumhaill ... hunter, warrior, poet, seer - whose boyhood name, the old stories tell us, was Demne. And Demne means something akin to steadfast, which seems just the kind of quality a fairy godmother might wish upon a newborn.

I'd like to think Demne will be a dependable little jacket too. One of those easy-to-knit easy-to-use items that would look good on a boy or a girl. Memo to self: must persuade one of my test knitters to try it in pink!

Close up of buttons Demne baby jacket.
Do you like the buttons? They were among my vintage button finds at Woolfest, or rather they were among my good friend Lal's. She also has a stash of this lovely yarn and so knew that these would be perfect for Demne when she spotted them lurking in a box of bargain buttons on a vintage button stall. My part in the discovery was to then knock said box of vintage buttons to the floor in my excitement ... which was both embarrassing, as we scrabbled for buttons that had rolled in every direction, and serendipitous, as in scooping them up we found quite a few more that we wanted to buy. We did come back from Woolfest with a lot of buttons.

They're stitched on securely with colour-matched cotton thread, but I've used a single ply of the yarn on top to hide it anyway

Close up of cuff Demne baby jacket.
The bind off I've used seems to be my own invention too! I was playing with different possibilities, trying to create a 'just-so' edge, and eventually found something I liked that seemed quite new to me (if anything can ever be said to be new in knitting, maybe I've just unvented* it). A quick poll of my 'knitty' friends, a couple of whom - thank you so much Lal and Francesca - have kindly tested it for me, suggests that the technique might actually be all mine, so I'll try to put a little tutorial together one day soon and post it here I've put together a best ever garter stitch bind off tutorial for you.

*Elizabeth Zimmerman coined the word 'unvent' to describe knitting solutions that you've figured out for yourself but find it hard to believe are original. Knitter's use it freely but, frankly, it's an awful word. To 'un' anything is to take away from it, and yet each rediscovery of something, if rediscovery it is, surely adds to it. I may be one of many knitters to have worked this particular bind off, and some of them may well have written it down before, but I can find no record of it and surely the fact that I can now share it with knitters everywhere via the wonders of the web deserves a more celebratory verb than unvent. Suggestions anyone?

Please note that the pictures in this post are copyright knitsofacto and are not cc licensed.

  1. Annie, this is abolutely gorgeous! I'm looking forward to knit this beautiful garment! Thank you for sharing this pattern!

  2. Congratulations with your pattern . It is so lovely.

  3. It is beautiful! And the vintage buttons are exactly the right finishing touch. Please let us know when the pattern is available.

  4. Demne is a little jewel that speaks of love and tenderness. The buttons are perfect and what to say of the extra touch of hiding the cotton thread with knitting yarn? Baby Finn is on his way to be well pampered.

    You should definitely share your bind-off technique. I can't think of a better one for garter stitch or other purl-based stitches. :)

  5. Annie,

    I absolutely adore your blog. It is exquisite and you have a great writing style.
    Congratulations on your Demne design: you must be so proud of yourself. I have a thing about buttons too...

    I too have designed a cardigan although it is not, I believe, in the same league as yours ;-)

    ps I am having to post with the Name/URL option as Blogger is making problems again...

    Have a good Sunday.

  6. I love this cardigan so much, thank you for sharing it and the gorgeous photos ... (will just pop over to your Ravelry link now!)

  7. thanks nie for your visit ...
    My english is not verry good , but it's not so imortant!
    Your world is verry nice!

  8. Anonymous10 July, 2011

    What a beautiful jacket and I love the story to go with it re the naming of it. Also found the button story funny, but glad you found more buttons to your liking through it.
    Thanks for the comment about our hounds.
    Lynne from Can't envisage writing the comment again if Blogger lost it!

  9. It is a lovely cardigan - and a lovely story to go with it!

    Pomona x

  10. what a gorgeous little cardigan!

  11. Hi Annie - thank-you for visiting my blog - have now got round to having a good look at yours. What a really beautiful blog. Love the jacket and the story, especially as I have a Finn of my own. You have made me want to knit again. Knitting was my first love but that old seducer crochet came along and took over...

  12. This turned out so lovely! Ive yet to move beyond knitting hats and sweaters. I love the color, so perfect for a foggy chilly day :)

  13. It's beautifully proportioned and the possibly invented bind off is lovely. I'd rather like a large version of it to wear myself.

  14. A steadfast little cardi for sure. It will be used for a few more babies no doubt.

  15. beautiful knitting!

    this made me smile, as I have a cat called Finn, also named after Fionn Mac Cumhaill!!

    Leanne x

  16. Thank you so much, one and all, for your kind, kind comments :D I had such fun designing this little cardigan and now have a fair few more knitsofacto baby knits in the pipeline! Hopefully the pattern for this one will be released in early August, and don't worry, I'll post all about it here when the time comes

  17. Your design is gorgeous, thanks for sharing the pattern! I look forward seeing the next tiny treasures.

  18. Beautiful, Love the jacket and the story, especially as I have a Finn of my own. You have made me want to knit again. Knitting was my first love but that old seducer crochet came along and took over.

  19. Thank you for creating and sharing this pattern. I just made it for a friend of mine, and he loved it! (The daddy, the baby isn't here yet.)

    Here's my version, I hope you like it:

  20. is this pattern available yet? Had a look on ravelry, not able to get it

    1. Deidre I've just checked the Rav download link and it seems to be okay. But if you click on the picture of Demne in the side bar here that takes you direct to a pattern download. Hope that helps.

    2. Since leaving this reply I've updated the blog, you now need to click on more top right and then follow the link to the knitting hub.

  21. I've just found this pattern on Pinterest...LOVE it. I'm definitely going to knit one for a friend of mine who is due soon. Thank you

  22. Lovely, and I'm intrigued by this bind-off! I totally agree about the word unvent. Honestly I think "discover" does the job perfectly well: it reflects that ambiguity, is it an original or pre-existing discovery...?

  23. I love it, Annie, and thank you for generously making your pattern available for free on rav. Can't wait to see all the projects start coming in!


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