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Have you ever asked yourself, 'Why do I blog?', or, if you've been at the 'ol blogging lark for a while now, 'Why do I still blog?' Your early posts may have been little more than virtual journal entries, but those of us who blog publicly clearly have a desire to connect in some way. And slowly but surely connect we do, until instead of one reader we have fifty, or five hundred, or five thousand, and ever more people join the open conversations that our blog posts begin. They comment, post links, write posts inspired by our posts - Moira, this one's down to you! - and together we go global. To be part of a world wide community of engaged and engaging bloggers who are wise, witty, and willing to share their best ideas ... that's why knitsofacto readers who've been popping by for a while might remember that I'm kinda' excited by the notion of liquid networks, those 'spaces of creativity' where ideas meet and mate and procreate. Sure, in our little corner of blogtopia these ideas probably have more to do with the best way to make yoghurt* than to achieve world peace, but that's not really the point. It's the free exchange for collective benefit that matters.

Of course sometimes what we exchange is not a good idea but our good will. We congratulate and commiserate and comfort and encourage, and send each other virtual hugs and impromptu parcels and, on occasion, blog awards.

Contentious things, blog awards, not welcomed by some. Validation arriving hand in hand with obligation. The obligation to post a response that might require you to dance to another's tune, and the obligation to pass the obligation on. Karen, who recently declared me to be a Versatile Blogger - thank you my lovely, truly - very thoughtfully decreed that the awardee could choose whether to 'take up the baton or just glow in the praise'. I think I might do both.

Ladies I'd like to pass to you that Versatile Blogger Award baton, to do with as you will. Bin it, merely bask in the glory for a while and move on, or bestow it upon others you believe to be worthy, the choice is entirely yours.

Annie at Artistica Domestica
Colleen at Rus in Urbis
Mrs Thrifty Household at Thrifty Household
Stephanie at Millefeuilles
Sue at Mr. Micawber's Recipe For Happiness

And just as I - thanks again to Karen - am not obliged to divulge some previously undisclosed personal quirks as a condition of accepting my award, nor are you. Just know that I value what you do.

Later. I thought I'd leave it there but I find I'm oddly tempted by the prospect of sharing a few of my eccentricities, aka the things I do that embarrass my children. I collect the skulls of small song birds, can and do perfectly mimic Ivor the Engine, and I play the bongos, badly. Oh, and don't mention the knitting in public!

* Please don't suppose that the marvellous Mise posts only about yoghurt!
  1. Dearest Annie
    Great post, I've gone through the rollercoaster of emotions about why I blog, am I attention seeking, do I need approval from anyone etc etc? and the answer to those questions is mostly no. I like to blog as a virtual log of some of my memories, it allows my family who are scattered far and wide in the world to dip into small parts my life when they feel like it amongst other things. It feels positive to blog, it motivates me to pursue the beauty that I see and want to embrace and capture in the world.

    I like the fact that I sort of "fit in" with people(mostly women) who are like minded and that I can get oodles of inspiration from. My creative self has flourished since I started blogging and that's nothing to cry about:0) and best of all I get to "meet" lovely people like you and appreciate our virtual friendship xox Penelope

  2. Annie, I feel very flattered as I'm new at this caper and still a bit scared of the unwieldy 'bigness' of it. I'm still not sure why I'm doing it. I'll have to think about it for the baton passing post. The best part is definitely connecting with like minded women (mainly) about things that amuse or activate or educate us. It's about sharing and belonging to something bigger than ourselves. Just one small way. Thanks.

  3. Dearest Annie,

    To be honoured with an award by the Knitsofacto Lady is a wonderful thing indeed and I am most grateful. Thank you so very much.

    I shall mull over this honour all day long (most fitting to have a glittering prize bestowed on the eve of one's birthday). I am not very good at broadcasting a lot of information about myself. I must say you dealt with your award swimmingly well. Yet again I find myself learning from you and Knitsofacto.

    I ask myself why I blog every single week just before pressing the "publish" button. I think that as long as I feel that creative buzz I will continue to do so. I am touched by the atmosphere of mutual respect in bloggersphere too.

    Have a wonderful week Annie and thank you very much once again.

  4. There is no doubt that at some time we all wonder why we blog! I'm so glad that many including your lovely self do. :)
    Vivienne x
    P.S. I loved Ivor the Engine!

  5. Sometimes I wonder why, as well, especially when I get really swamped with other things and haven't posted anything good. I love the idea of the liquid networks, spaces of creativity where everyone is equal. I have made some good friends via the blog, which still surprises me in some ways. Keep on posting, I do enjoy yours.

  6. Agree with you on the caring and sharing aspects of blogging - it is a window on the World - one we can share our lives with others, and they with us. I have also used mine as a form of catharsis - sometimes writing about how I am feeling helps me come to terms with those feelings and cope with it. There is never any obligation on others to respond, but it is lovely when they do.

    Lovely thought provoking post.

    Zoe x

  7. I'm very happy to have provoked this post. You put it so much better!

  8. Oh, erm, I'm a bit stunned- thank you!

    I'm pretty new to blogging, having resisted valiantly for a long time & then, well, I kind of got drawn in...I'm still trying to figure out 'why' I started but I do enjoy it. I think it's the challenge of encapsulating a thought/story/event in a way that other might enjoy. When comments are left it's lovely!

    I shall ponder what to do next with this...

    Thank you very much, I'm both stunned & thrilled!

  9. I just love blogging. Reading and writing. So thanks to all.

  10. I know how you feel.....I was recently tagged in an Unplugged event and had to openly post things about myself, in public ~ horror of horrors....I took the tag with gratitude and pleasure in the end, but I did mull over the prospect for a while!

  11. Thanks for the lovely mention, Annie, and what a fine analysis of why we blog. I guess Blogtopia is as supportive and upbeat as we'd like the real world to be (and it sometimes is), and gives us a chance to put forward our creative selves and an outlet for our Message To The Planet, whatever that may be. And the shifting community is wonderfully companionable and merry.

  12. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I've never been here before, but I'm loving your writing style, see that we already have knitting and Jane Austen in common and am looking forward to browsing more!

    S x

  13. Again a wonderful and inspiring post, which is exactly why you deserve this award. You are gracious and wise, and we all have much to gain by reading here. A well-deserved Congratulations Annie!

    PS: ...Bongos? :D

  14. Blogging for me is a way to connect with like minded girls around the globe, it warms my heart that so many of us girls love the simple things in life and love our families and friends. There are blogs that are thought provoking, some make you laugh till your belly hurts, or a story that you can't help but cry along with. I have 'seen' so much compassion and love for fellow blog friends, it really is a lovely place.
    x Sandi

  15. If more people made yoghurt, we might find ourselves achieving world peace without any the tedious summits and speech-making.

    You have all of you so well and forcibly expressed my reasons for writing and reading blogs that I can only respond, "What she said."

    Thanks so much for the award, Annie! (I confess that I have often eyed and sometimes secretly coveted other people's blog awards. I guess that would be an embarrassing thing about myself.) I can already think of several bloggers to whom I'd like to pass the baton and the compliment.

    Again, thank you. It is at once humbling and delightful to be recognized in this way.

  16. "any OF the tedious etc."

    Humbling indeed... :)

  17. Well Annie, I had just looked up your profile for your email to thank you for a comment on my blog when I came across this!
    I have to say it is one of the most well written posts I have ever read. It is informative but not at all prissy (not sure if thats really a word)humorous without offending and certainly thought provoking. And I might add probably describes in a way many of us could not just what is the attraction of blogging. just brilliant, it made me smile in a very warm way.
    Jenny x

  18. Lovely Annie - Thank you so much! I'd never really thought of myself as a versatiel blogger before. But what a quandary I'm in now. I may need to create a virtual mantelpiece to put it on now.

  19. Hello Annie!...Another entertaining and thought provoking post...the reason I love blogging!...I have always said that I learn something new every day in our crafty blogging world and it remains to be the case...I have so much respect for all my talented friends ...
    Susan x
    (I knit in public too...all the time!)

  20. Your post is so beautifully written, Annie. You have managed to put into words what blogging at it's best really IS! And I do love the term liquid networks, that is wonderful and captures the nebulous quality of ideas and thoughts and the sharing of them.
    Have a happy weekend.
    Helen x
    p.s.Thank you so much for putting my giveaway on your sidebar too.xx

  21. Yes I've often asked myself those questions, and no doubt will continue to. Loved reading this post, it encapsulates what blogging is about so well.
    I'd love to play the bongos. It's funny how I think twice now about whether to get my crochet out in public. Once upon a time I would never have given it a second thought. Now why's that?
    Have a great weekend.

  22. Annie what a wonderful post - I have managed to miss it due to a couple of frantic weeks! I love your musings on blogging - yay to yoghurt! Also love the fact that I don't really know your recommended blogs so I am off to browse...I fear more for the dashboard! X

  23. A beautifully written post about the joys and satisfactions of blogging. I feel very much the same and find my life has been so enriched by this worldwide network I'm now part of.

    And yes, I can now see why you said what you did on my post about blog awards.


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