I finally went back to my dentist’s yesterday, to discover that the acrid stench of burning plastics had been replaced by the sharp smell of fresh paint, and that my dental x-rays indicated I have a mega abscess that necessitates one root filling, one extraction, and one course of super-strength, extra-potent antibiotic tablets that are the size of horse pills. I am not impressed!

Driving home in a state of high disgruntlement, I stopped en route at the village shop to buy a comforting bar of Green and Black’s and some consolatory magazines. Glossy ‘interiors’ magazines of the kind my sister loves, filled with elegant images of fashionable people and their envy inducing homes. There they are on the hall table, with my car keys and my newest muffatees. I pottered off to put the kettle on and returned with my camera while it boiled ... snapping some pics for the soon-to-be-published muffatee knitting pattern took my mind off the unrelenting agony of toothache.

I move to admit exhibit one, your Honour, a photograph which clearly corroborates the defendant’s claim that the missing keys were still in her possession at approximately 4.30pm on Wednesday afternoon.

With luck and favourable winds the Runrig muffatee pattern* will be published on Ravelry later today, can now be downloaded here, or by following the link in the sidebar. Don't be shy, it's free!

I worked my first pair of Runrigs in a worsted-weight camel and merino blend, but this time I wanted alpaca. And if it weren’t for my blasted teeth I’d be happy-dancing in these mitts. I adore everything about them: the butter-soft DK yarn, the subtly feminine picot point edging, and the full-length textured ‘stripes’. Chic perfection, if I do say so myself.

Why Runrig**? For the ploughed ridges and dividing runnels that characterised the early agricultural landscape in the UK and that are echoed in the mitt’s welted construction. My farmer-boy great-grandpa always wore mitts without fingers about the farm in winter. He died when I was three and is in memory no more than the scent of wool, soil and tobacco.

One more thing ... has anyone seen my car keys?

*The pattern includes instructions for ‘mitts’ worked in both Aran/worsted and DK weight yarns and is sized to fit most female hands, from child to adult. Available to download now. A stripy gents version is pending but sadly is not yet ready for publication ... I'm having problems with the corded edge.

** In later usage runrig described a Scottish system of communal land tenure. And, of course, there’s the rock band!

Once again I've been humbled by and am so very grateful for all your kind comments and good wishes. When things get as crazy as they did for a while there last week it really does give me a boost to know that so many good people out there in Blogtopia are rooting for me. Thank you lovelies, truly :D
  1. Your runrigs are absolutely perfect as is your choice of yarn and colour. Looking forward to the pattern too, I'm in just the mood for a project like this.

    So sorry to hear about your ongoing misery, hopefully those awful horse pills will turn things around in a hurry. xo

  2. Runrig; the soundtrack to my youth (not 100% sure how I feel about that!) Lovely name for a knitting pattern though. Hope you find your keys! Stick with the antibiotics, they'll kick in after a day or two.

  3. Yes, isn't Runrig a good name for a knitting pattern? I must look up the band again -haven't heard them for years.

    Hope you tooth misery passes soon and that you find your keys.

  4. ouch ouch ouch. feel better soon. the mitts are just sooooo lovely. have you looked in the fridge for the keys. mine ended up in there once.....

  5. Are the pills yellow? Or is it that all antibiotics are now huge.. Heres hoping we both get better soon. I love your muffattees.

  6. Sympathies - an abcess can be so very painful - do hope that you will be all better soon and the trauma a distant memory. Those mitts look fabulous and I want a pair! Take care of yourself - and hope the keys turned up eventually!

  7. The mitts are gorgeous, it is a pity you can't wrap them around your aching tooth to provide some relief.

  8. I love the word 'muffatee'. So much more satisfying than 'fingerless gloves', which is what they tend to get called in our house. Really hope the horse pills kick in quickly.

  9. Beautiful, pure and classy. Just what we have learned to expect fromp you Annie.

    I hope things are getting back to 'normal' for you all.


    I'll lend you my car keys if you still haven't found yours. There's no point in me having them since our car won't start. It doesn't do well with -10°C. Nor does our washing-machine... I am running out of clean clothes and the icy temperatures continue.

  10. I'm cackling over 'fromp' now! Oh where is my head?

  11. Glad you are nearly sorted, just to warn you there's a whole lot of drilling but no pain with the anasthaetic, each appointment is an hour but if you can save a tooth it's worth it! My friends are Runrig mad and always see them on New Years Eve, I prefer the knitted version!! jennyx

  12. Hello Annie:
    Oh dear, why is it that when one has a tooth problem it invariably runs into a saga of woe and toothache! We are really sorry that you are having such trouble, let alone expense,and are surprised that you can even hold a pair of knitting needles let alone follow a pattern!

    Your muffatees look so pretty, warm and welcoming. A perfect colour and such an imaginative design.Perhaps a matching balaclava is what is needed to cocoon your head?

  13. Buying chocolate on the way back from the dentist is exactly the kind of thing I would do! Hope you feel better soon.

  14. Looking forward to the pattern... I think I'll search for some alpaca yarn :-)

    Hope the abscess is soon gone - painful for body and wallet!


  15. Can't wait to get a moment to knit a pair of these! So lovely : )

  16. I so, so sympathize with you over the poor teeth - I had to go back to mine this week for more smiley expensive jaw aching miseries. Love the gloves and the agric name - and the keys, call for them - I do find that it works (or if not ask the pixies for help, and they will often lead you to them). Everyone laughs at me over this but I have made them laugh the other side of their faces on many a time when I have found things!!!

    (And sorry, I can never reply to your lovely comments on my blog, because you come up as a No Reply - you need an email address in your profile, and then I can email you back.)

    I think I need a coffee after all that!

    Pomona x

  17. Oooooh, you certainly have my sympathies for the tooth ache, I know only too well how horrible that feels. I hope the horse pills do their work quickly, then you've only got the pain of the final bill to worry about - ouch again!!

    Looking forward to seeing the pattern - the muffatess look great.

    S x

  18. The runrig muffatees are delightful, in colour, pattern and name! I do hope your toothache is subsiding now...what an awful ordeal to go through! The green and blacks, tea and mags would be my consolation too. And I do hope your car keys turn up (try Pomona's advice, I used that technique the other day to find my quilting pins and pattern for my scarf...and it worked!)Take care, Annie, and hope all goes well this week.
    Helen x

  19. Love the new word 'fromp'. Love the muffatees.
    Hate car key lossage- it happens weekly here at Beantowers much to the disgust of BigBean. Hate dentists who give you news like That.

  20. Ow. Just ow.
    And thank goodness for chocolate.
    And wool.

  21. Oooo I had a close encounter with a dentist just before Christmas... you definitely earnt that chocolate! I love the new Runrig Muffatees..that charcoal colour is gorgeous. Happy healing ...:)x

  22. You have my sympathy. Best let that chocolate dissolve on your tongue gently!

  23. Living in the subtropics I was unaware of the existence of the runrig or muffatee however am well acquainted with Green and Blacks. Some things cross oceans and cultural divides. So sorry to hear of your sore tooth. It sounds awful. Buy a new set of keys and the old ones will turn up immediately!

  24. OWWW-Y. I hope they take care of your tooth problem--SOON. (Only ever had one toothache in my life--it hurt to blink my eyes!!!) Knitting can only be so much of a distraction--but your mitts are over the top lovely (as are their name!) Thanks for sharing--be better real soon. ( Did you check the refrig for the keys?)

  25. First muffatees, then runrig, now fromp...I really love the sounds of all these words!

    The notion of alpaca mitts sounds very luxurious and cozy. I also might have to look into some alpaca yarn.

    Best wishes on lessening dental dramas. It seems as if you've had plenty. With all that going on, you've been extra generous to put up this post and promise the knitting pattern.

    Good luck with the key search. xo

  26. Dear Annie,

    I have returned to read your delightful post, now fully awake, and am mortified not to have read about your teeth woes. Poor, poor Annie. You have ALL my sympathy.

  27. Ouch again this week, hope it all gets sorted soon, with a bit of luck the horse pills will give you a bit of a high to the edge off. ;)
    Runrig is a great name for your muffatees, thanks too for the information on the word, I had only heard of the band!
    Aren't your keys on your hall table, someone must have moved them on you. ;)
    V x

  28. Tooth ache is like no pain I can discribe, I honestly would rather give birth again than suffer the tooth ache that I have had in the past! Poor poor you Annie, I really hope it soon resolves and you can start to feel human again!!
    As for the Runrig muffatees, they are perfectly delightful and I am so in love with their name. Elegant and worthy of being known to one and all xox Take special care x

  29. Lovely, lovely muffatees, lovely yarn - and lots of sympathies on the tooth front. Hope it's all sorted out soon...

  30. Oh my, dentist drama! I hate that. Its never fun to go there, is it? Even when things dont burst into flames ;)
    I love these pretty mitts, I will have to try your pattern! Beautiful color as well~!

  31. Toothache is awful - do hope the horse pills are starting to work.

    As for the muffatees - I loved the maroon ones so much I couldn't wait for the pattern and began (in alpaca!) a gorgeous pair in green. Made the first one too long...and then whilst completing the second one, also too long, the dog chewed the first one. I'm going to start again with a pattern. I'm knitting them so I can take said dog out in comfort; gratitude for you!
    I do hope the keys have turned up. Axxx

  32. Sorry to hear of your dental woes. Every molar I have has a root canal and a crown, so I really understand. No fun. And damned expensive, at least here in the US. I was just thinking of those muffatees this morning, as I donned some fingerless mitts. I look forward to trying the pattern.

  33. I spent the whole of this post thinking wow! Annie is so cheery and brave and nice, and quite frankly amazing to be able to do such a cheery post despite being in agony and having the mystery of the vanishing car keys to contend with. Hugo bought some yoghurts the other day, and when they weren't in the fridge later on, we searched everywhere, all the cupboards. Eventually Hugo found them in the drawer with the dog food! Your new mufatees are beautiful, just love the colours, so elegant. So sorry to hear you've got an abscess, a huge ouch there, and I will be very relieved for you when your pain has gone. Love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  34. I hope that the antibiotics are doing their job and that you feel much better now. Toothaches are the worst!

    Thank you for the gorgeous pattern. I will definitely knit myself a pair of these lovelies!

  35. Oh dear Annie..I'm turning pale reading of your dental woes...I do hope it is sorted out for you very soon!
    Your Runrig muffatee pattern looks wonderful and it's so interesting to read about the inspiration for the design...I love your pics showing all that gorgeous, yarny texture...can't think of anything better...not even a bar of Green and Black's!
    Have a good weekend Annie,
    Susan x

  36. you are so so sweet annie, and when you are in so much pain. although i am crossing fingers here that it is gone by now, i have to admit i read the dental part with my eyes half closed, urg!

    thank you so much for the pattern, i love the name (all the fun words in this post and comments) and can't wait to cast on for a pair.

    enjoy your mags and tea dear!

  37. Oh you poor thing, sounds terribly painful, i hope you are dancing in your muffatees very soon x
    and by the way THANK YOU muffatees have enriched my life ;o)
    you are a sweet sweet lady and i'm off to download xxx
    take good care
    thank you for your sweet comment x
    happy weekend
    love jooles x
    P.S sorry no sign of your car keys here

  38. ...nor here. I lose my car keys (and often my car) on a weekly basis so sending sympathy (and wondering how the heck I ever held down a proper job!)
    lovely work on the wrist warmers (you know I have a problem with muffteedoodahs) and have bookmarked this page (get me!) to revisit on holiday and make some of my own!
    thank you for sharing
    fee x

  39. so looking forward to starting these!! thank you for the pattern :)
    hope you are feeling better soon.

  40. Augmentin? (Amoxicillin with clavulanic acid). If that's what you're taking they are indeed horse pills.

    Beautiful muffatees. I love the way the halo looks in the pictures.

    So sorry about the teeth. Isn't it interesting (and sad) that the closer to one's head the pain is, the worse it seems? You will feel better almost instantly when they drain that abscess. Just having the pressure relieved goes a long way towards comfort. (I've had a few dental abscesses myself. Ugh.)

    I'm behind on blog reading, so I hope that by now you're feeling better. Thanks so much for your kind comment.

  41. You poor thing! I've been wincing through your posts. I'm impressed that you've managed to publish your pattern with all this going on. But thank you so much - I've just printed mine off and will get started pronto. I'm obsessed with fingerless mittens, gloves and, of course, muffatees. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  42. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your gloves what a great name for the pattern.

    How I hate going to the dentist hope you are now pain free.

    So glad you got your dog back, we have had daschunds they are such great characters.

  43. Oh Annie...tooth pain is just awful and yet you've written another beautiful post with gorgeous photography. Hope you found your keys. feel better!

  44. Ow ow ow for the toothache. Hope you are feeling better now. I love the pattern. I have made some muffatees (not knowing the name) but you can't have too many. They are next on my list as soon as I finish my current Ravelry project. Thank you. It's very generous of you to provide your patterns like this. I do appreciate it.


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