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67 Wallpaper

I need your advice, about wallpaper. I don't normally 'do' wallpaper, in fact there's not a wallpapered wall in the house, so I don't pay much attention to it. But I'm thinking I might paper one wall of my new studio.

I'll just repeat that, in case it passed you by, my new studio! I know !! I can't quite believe it myself !!!

Because this house has the tiniest of attic spaces - if you tried to swing a cat up there you'd likely bang your elbows - it also has a tiny upstairs storeroom that's currently chocker with 'stuff'. But the stuff is to be moved out - into a storage unit nearby unless my mother comes up trumps and lets us use her empty loft - and I am moving in. The storeroom studio has a small south-facing window and I intend to paint three of the walls and the ceiling white, to maximise the light. But the fourth wall is in need of some tender loving care, having had various shelving units bolted to it at different times, and I think I'm going to go one better and dress it up. Nothing too bold, and certainly nothing that will create an obvious colour cast in the room as I shall be doing a fair bit of photography in there. Something with a fifties modern look perhaps, or the right kind of retro. And although there's not a vast amount of money for this revamp I should only need one or two rolls so can push the boat out a bit when it comes to cost. Any recommendations?

Or perhaps you could tell me what you think of the papers I've already stumbled across. Backgammon and Whitby from Mini Moderns are both really tempting, but which colourway? Or there's Little Green's Hepworth, in pearl or menthe? And Anthropologie's Flight Navigation, or would that be a tad overpowering?

I have no idea what I shall do for furniture, beg, borrow, and paint white with Annie Sloan chalk paint probably. I will need to keep all my yarn and knitting paraphernalia in there, my camera gear, and assorted arty-crafty bits and bobs. It's going to take a while to get it sorted but excitement has made me impatient, I don't want to wait !

Do you have a room of your own? Do you long for one? How would you fit it out? Do please tell.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Oops, I nearly forgot this week's Welcome! shout-outs. Su at Living on the Edge, Lynette at Sweet Posy Dreams, Sandra at Chaos, Kids, Crochet and Cake, Lost Sentiments, Caroline, and Susan, thank you for the comments and the follows m'dears,'tis much appreciated.

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  1. Lucky you - a craft studio! I looked at the wallpaper samples and I really like Whitby and Flight Navigation. Here's my suggestion, for whatever it's worth. You might want to hold off on the wallpaper for a few weeks. Use the room and see how it "feels", then make your decision about the wallpaper. You might find a completely different one suits the room, or that painting one wall in a contrasting colour is going to be a better fit. It's way easier to put wallpaper up than to scrape it off the walls if you don't like it!

  2. How wonderful to be getting your very own space to work and play. I don't know anything about wallpapers as we don't have them in our house, they're not that popular in Australia. Covering up a less than pristine wall sounds like a great idea though.
    Wishing you much fun and enjoyment as you decorate your space.
    Anne xx

  3. Such good news!!! I imagine your excitement!!!! I have my own space, too and I love it!!! You can leave all the mess you like without being obsessed with the order: just close the door when you leave the room!!!
    I'm not a fan of wallpapers, but I think stripes will be a good choice!!!
    Happy creative weekend, xxxx Ale

  4. Lucky you! Enjoy painting and wall paper choosing :D
    Sarah xo

  5. I have a room of my own..............painted a pale green paint that the lovely people at Porters Paints in Auckland (NZ) mixed up for me when I went in clutching a piece of paper in just the right shade. My best thing apart from being able to leave projects out between working on them is my two shelves of treasures - some natural finds shells and bits, favourite buttons, a bird or two of all sorts, jars of ribbons and all sorts of associated old sewing ephemera. Lots of inspiration there.
    The only drawback on being able to leave projects out is the cat fur that is inevitably woven into it by the time I return.

    Good luck with the new room Annie, enjoy that anticipatory time...........sometimes almost as good as the getting.


  6. Hi Annie,

    How wonderful to have your own craft room and know how excited you will be moving all your things in and organizing everything.
    We have done wallpapering in our lounge twice now, and I love the look that it gives.
    If the room is small you will want to keep the pattern fairly small and lighter colours make the room look bigger. I do not have a room of my own, but one day look forward to having one.

    Enjoy the weekend

  7. How exciting for you! I love Flight Navigation, I think anything would go with that. Best of luck deciding.
    Sandi xoxo

  8. Ooh, how exciting! The funny thing is, as soon as you mentioned wallpaper in the first paragraph, I envisioned a sort of retro mod ... and lo and behold a bit further down it seems that's what you had in mind too.

    Lucky you to be gaining a studio - especially with south-facing windows. You'll get the best of the winter sun. Wallpaper votes: if Backgammon, Chalkhill Blue; if Hepworth, Menthe. Flight Navigation is gorgeous (and I confess I prefer it to Whitby). I don't think it would be overpowering if you had it behind or to one side of where you sit. (It cries out for just one deep red cushion nearby, I think.)

    No space of my own, but I do long for one. I shall enjoy yours vicariously. :)

  9. Hi..are you sure you want my opinion? Well here goes..I think Flight Navigation is a bit overwhelming, but I adore some of the Mini Paisley Crescent in Concrete, a bit more calming than Flight Navigation but still grey and white. I also love the Sitting Comfortably? snow and the Festival in Concrete as well. I am sure you'll find one that makes your heart sing!

  10. How wonderful that you are going to have a studio! I have one too that is a tiny 9x10 bedroom maxed out with all my interests.

    I vote for "Flight Navigation" Annie!

  11. oops...hit publish too soon. My room has a wall of books, a wall with a design board which is black felt for when I do art quilting. I can stick the fabric up to see how it will look and then sit back in my comfy old chair and analyze my choices. Under that is my sewing table. The closet has had the doors removed and is fitted with the wire organizer shelves. I have all my various supplies in those clear boxes with labels so I don't have to dig for stuff. Another wall is covered in acoustic ceiling tiles and is a gigantic bulletin board for ideas and pictures (mostly of my grandchildren) and the windowed wall is where I paint my watercolors. On a day when all is neat I can just barely turn around in it unless the ironing board is up! lol. Still, its MY studio and I like it. I just wish it was a little bigger as there is no room for my spinning wheel in there! ;)

  12. Your own studio - how lovely! As to wallpaper, how about Cow Parsley from Cole & Sons? Our downstairs loo is papered in Mikado silver blue from Romo. The only paper in the house and I love it. But your choices are all beautiful, so not sure you need any help from me! I'd love my own room to write. (VW knew what she was on about there...) I have a desk in the spare room and would replace the bed with a sofabed and bring in a bigger table for the crafty stuff that's bulging from the cupboards at the moment. C.x

  13. Your own studio sounds wonderful. I love the Whitby wallpaper. Have you also seen Roddy and Gingers 'log pile' wallpaper? I love that. I would love a studio/office space and have my eye on one of the bedrooms. By this time next year we should have two children at university. I have plans that involve a bedroom being at least part time my space. I might let them come back in the holidays!
    Enjoy the planning and the painting x

  14. I would LOVE a room of my own, and just now I would wrap that whole thing in white 'wood panelling' paper from Albany (look up wallpaperdirect). Only twenty quid a roll, and I think might be even nicer than 'wood' by Brewers at nearly twice the price! Yes, I have given my fantasy room quite some thought...

    1. Ps, my inlaws have 'festival' in concrete in downstairs loo, it's gorgeous.

  15. How exciting to have A Room of One's Own! You deserve it Annie, I am very excited for you. And jealous. We live in a small 3 bed semi and, unless we move or make the kid share a bedroom, I will never have a room of my own. My crafting bits and bobs are scattered in various drawers, cupboards, boxes and bags (tastefully, of course!;-)) throughout our house.

    I particularly like Backgammon in Concrete - the soothing, restful greys work with the busy pattern. If I had an attic room of my own I would be tempted by Farrow and Ball - Bumblebee, Bamboo and Rosslyn in particular. Happy choosing! xx

  16. At our last house I had a little bungalow at the bottom of the garden. I painted the main room primrose yellow inside (just because someone gave me the paint!) but it worked out well.
    Next year we are converting the garage into a sewing room and I shall paint the walls plain white (something I have never done before) as I have textiles of various colourways which I want to display at different times.

  17. I seem to be alone here in liking Do You Live In Town in the grey colourway. I think that any of your choices would be great though and remember that when the room is finished the pattern will be broken up with "stuff" and furniture so you might not want anything too busy. I am lucky enough to have a small room of my own here but I haven't decorated it as when we bought the house it was painted in a neutral colour and in good condition. I did change the old fashioned curtains for a roller blind which matches the blue colour of my shoelving though. One day I might do more but I am terrible at procrastinating as you may already know!

  18. Oh grab that room with both hands - I used to have one, until my youngest needed a bigger bedroom. Now I am crammed into the box room of an office and it is a really horrible space with next to no light and no room at all. If you're only papering one wall, indulge whatever whim you fancy.

  19. I think if it is one wall, and your very own room, go for what you really, really like - no one else but you will be living with it, so you might as well have what you love best.

    Do tell me about the painting - I wrote about the representation of needlework in art in my thesis, but I never came across this one, so I am guessing it may be French? There was much more of a tradition of women stitching in art on the continent, I know. So please put me out of my misery ...

    Pomona x

  20. Lucky you I'm green with envy as I work in a sort of corridor and on the kitchen table .... oh for my own room! Notonthehighstreet had a blog post recently about Wonder Walls that you may be interested to read?

  21. Yellow! Not the yukky bright yellow but subtle yellow, it is a fifties colour and goes well with white.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  22. Am strongly reminded of Milly Molly Mandy's new room which was originally an attic store room for pots of jam. She had it painted primrose yellow with apple green curtains and furniture.

    I don't have any papered rooms either but if I did I'd have Mark Hearld's papers but I suspect they are on much too big a scale for your little studio.
    Angie Lewin has done a few too -

  23. Having your own studio sounds so lovely! I envy you Annie! All these wallpapers are so beautiful that it's really difficult to tell which one I prefer. Have a lovely Sunday!

  24. How exciting Annie! I agree with Pomona; one wall means giving yourself the luxury of choosing your very favourite - and maybe a fairly pricey - wallpaper. A well-deserved indulgence. Hurrah!

    Again, like Pomona, I would like to know where that delicious painting comes from. I'm another fan of representations of needlework in art.


  25. Oh, I just love that Whitby paper! Can totally picture your little nook; what fun to fix it up just for you! I have a room, but it becomes a little bit of a dumping ground for everything. But, it has a piano, a rocker, and evening sunlight, so I'm happy. :)

  26. First I love the painting at the head of your post. Second of the choices you have chosen for wallpaper Flight Navigation is inspired, but as your first reply suggests I would hold off on that for a wee while to capture the atmosphere of the room, particularly if like me you are committed to painted walls. The very thickest lining paper can be a boon when dealing with nobbly walls too - painted over it gives a much better finish than plaster alone. I too have a spare crud room that I have been meaning to transform for years. you may just inspire me to get going.

  27. That is exciting Annie. How lovely to have a little space of your own, a little bolt-hole to snuggle up in surrounded by yarn and arty crafty bits and bobs. I can't help on the wallpaper front - I always find choosing wallpaper rather intimidating and so we have none on our walls though I frequently admire it on other people's. I don't have a room of my own but I share a small space with Toby - I have all my knitting bits and yarns and he has his toys and dvds - we often sit out there together each doing our own thing.

  28. How exciting, having your own space is important I think.

    I do have my own room - although I have never done anything creative in it in the arty sense. My drawing board is in there, a massive A1 Blundell&Harling architects board and stand. I used to draw garden designs on it, and occasionally used it to design other objects too. Its lain idle for 4 years now. The only thing it is used for now is to a painting and a couple of drawings Cleve West did for me. My computer and all my books line the walls, which are white. The only pattern in the room is the curtains; the carpet and the sofa are neutral plains.

    If it was me (and yes I know it isn't)I would leave the walls bare - love all of the papers you have chosen. Some of my personal favourites are by the artists of the St Judes community

    Anyway, back to why I would leave the walls bare - beautiful as they are I would find all of those designs really distracting. They would interfere with my creative flow as the are all quite dominant patterns and I would find myself gazing at them and following the patterns with my eyes, rather than being free to imagine things myself. I know all artists/creatives need inspiration, but I do wonder if having something so dominant will restrict you.

    Rather, why not make an enormous pin board/shelf and pin photos, place objects that inspire you? Leaves, feathers, anything with texture, textiles, photographs, and so on?

    Anyway, that's my 2p worth

    Happy Planning!

  29. How exciting that you will have your very own studio soon, Annie! It will be so good to have all your crafty supplies together there and to leave things out and accessible while you are working on them. I can't really advise you on the's such a personal thing, like choosing colours which people have such strong likes and dislikes about....but I would say you should choose your very favourtie, the one that really speaks to you and go for that one :)
    Enjoy your room planning!
    Helen x

  30. Dear Annie
    Lucky, lucky you! My dream is to have a studio space where I can leave all my projects safely without cats sitting on them or having to move them and then to be able to return when inspiration hits. How fabulous!
    I would be tempted to leave the walls plain but maybe buy a piece of wallpaper and frame it, or several pieces of papers that inspire you and make a framed collection of them. I am not a lover of wallpaper, but do like lots of the designs, so this would be a good compromise for me personally. Of course, this being your own space, it is entirely up to you, but I look forward to seeing the space once it is ready.
    Enjoy making it your own.
    Best wishes

  31. Oh Annie, how exciting to have your own place to craft. I would choose a calm wallpaper, maybe with little roses. Nothing to loud or overwhelming. But I am sure you will find just the right one. :)
    Have fun building your little nook.

  32. Mmmm? Of the wallpapers I'd probably choose Hepworth in Pearl as it's very neutral. In fact I think I'd cover the wall something to use as an ideas board then you can change what is on it. It really depends on where the light falls and where you want to take photos, doesn't it. So I agree with whoever suggested working in your studio space for a while before deciding.

    My studio is very much a workshop. The walls aren't fancy, just plain white so I can tape sketches for current projects to the walls.


  33. Well, I couldn't see Hepworth as the site wouldn't let me on because I'm outside the UK. But I do like Flight Navigation - maybe for just one wall?

    By the way, I weighed the Featherweight, sans case, and it's 15 pounds. Easy to grab and move from room to room because it's so petite!


  34. Hello Annie:
    How exciting all of this sounds. Your own little nest to feather as you wish and play in. Will you ever come down from it we wonder or will you have to be rescued from it, Rapunzle wise, when your hair has grown long enough?

    We have never 'done' wallpaper so have absolutely no idea which way to turn on that front. But, we are certain that the Knitsofacto Studio will be a wonderfully creative space. Shall we be allowed a peek when it is finished?

  35. Hi Annie, I'm excited for you!! Love the idea of a feature wall of wallpaper and looked at all your favourites. Absolutely love Flight Navigation. Also think Hepworth in the menthol is fabulous and probably better for a small space. We have one papered wall in our house, in the sitting room and it's Orla Kiely's Flower Blossom in teal. I absolutely adore it!! I had a tiny internal room in our last house, just for me, and I painted three walls pale pink and a feature wall of red ... loved it! Enjoy all the fun of making your decisions and please share with us as you go : -)

  36. Ooh I LoVe wallpaper but I'm more of a chintzy kinda gal but I adore the Whitby paper from your list, gorgeous!
    Victoria xx

  37. How utterly THRILLING about your studio space. To have a creative sanctuary is a wonderful thing. I Have Minimoderns Whitby in my bathroom. I can HIGHLY recommend it. It's a teal colour. I can send an image if you like!

  38. I'm up for NightFlite or Conure Rug by Anthropologie. Good luck!! Good choices.

  39. A studio!!! Magic! There may be just a little envy here but lots of excitement for you! How can you choose. Those mini moderns are all lovely as is the menthe Hepworth. Perhaps you can pick from a hat... Can't wait to see it!

  40. your own SPACE!!! wonderful!!! Several years ago we enclosed a tiny (teeny!!!!) screened in porch off of our living room, which has become my "sanctuary"; a big old step-back cupboard holds most of my knitting books underneath--on top my redwear collection (many pieces double as knitting bowls!); it has a big comfy chair, an old white-washed table that doubles as a sewing table on the rare times I get in the mood; there are several shelves and a hanging cupboard, a blanket chest, a bucket bench--all FULL; but all MINE!!! and WINDOWS (although they are north facing and don't really give me great photography light)
    I'm not a wallpaper kind of gal and your space is so personal, I'm sure whatever you choose will be perfect for you. If I was choosing from your selections----I'd have to nix the backgammon and whitby, just too busy for MY taste--my eyes sort of jumped all over the place looking at them. The others I liked--probably liking the pearl Hepworth the best, although I was drawn to the Flight Navigation--loved the bird/flower/greys going on there. I know you are going to have a ball fixing this space up!!! Can't wait to see what happens there.

  41. How absolutely fabulous Annie... I have a space in the attic but can only use it in the Spring and Summer as it is freezing up there with no heating in the Winter, still I must not complain. I do firmly believe every woman needs a room of one's own according to Virginia Woolfe. I've always oohed and aaahhed over this website when it comes to fun wall paper choices, you might want to take a look. I'm not sure if I could choose, there is just too many delicipus choices to make :o) Happy choosing and snuggling into your space xox Penelope

  42. Congratulations - sounds like a great space!

    I wouldn't know where to start with wallpaper - I was trying to think when I last used it, and came to the conclusion that it was probably in my teenage bedroom. Now I think of it, that paper would probably retail very well today (green and burnt orange - ow). Such choices! (Don't forget to report back on what you eventually decide, will you?)

  43. How exciting! A studio! Well if it was up to would have to be vintage wallpaper! However it looks like you are preferring something a little calmer! I like all of the mini modern range, perhaps in a green shade, have fun! Ada :)

  44. Well congratulations on acquiring yourself a studio, how exciting! :)
    When my daughter gets married next summer, her bedroom is going to become my studio! I've told her to make sure she take everything with her because when she returns from honeymoon she won't recognise the place!! ;)
    I'm no help as far as wallpaper goes, like you I don't have any on the walls at all.
    Vivienne x

  45. Lucky you, nowhere is more your own than a studio. My all-time favourite wallpaper is Etchings & Roses by Sanderson - but their over-sophisticated website doesn't have a url I can send you. Maybe google it if you have a minute?

  46. I LOVE the Whitby wallpaper - there's a shop nearby that sells it and I long to do one wall in the house, somewhere, in it but I guess our house doesn't suit it. Sadly The Backgammon is lovely too.

    Happy great to have a real space of your own. :)

  47. YAY for You! Your own space, how exciting! I recently inherited my daughter's bright yellow bedroom that is in dire need of a neutral makeover. You're right, the colour does have a horrible effect on my ability to photograph anything satisfactorily. Just one more thing added to the to-do list.

    As for your wallpaper options, my personal preference would be Flight Navigation, although they are all very nice. Happy decorating :D

  48. Ah bliss - a studio!
    I am hopeless re wallpaper. I spent many months with some vintage luggage-label paper in my virtual basket but chickened out in case it made my loo look like a travel agent's shop! I think I prefer the Hepworth one, from your selsction, because it is less "tiring" on the eye. The others might have you lost in a daydream for hours on end!

  49. How wonderful to get a studio, a place of your own. Perfect.

    I really like the Hepworth papers.

    I love anything from Mini Modern. I have the Our Adventure is About to Begin in green on just the chimney brest in my bedroom. The green is so soothing (the rest of the room is just plain white emulsion) and it adds just the right amount of interest.

    why not :)

  51. Lovely news Annie!....You will have so much fun decorating your new space...I have to say I'm quite taken by the Anthropologie paper and I do think you can be quite daring if it's only on one wall...the Annie Sloan paint is wonderful too for some instant revamping although you have to work quite quickly as it does dry very fast!
    Still having fun making my room my own and it's wonderful to be surrounded by all my crafty bits and pieces..I'm beginning to think I could just live in there!
    Happy New Week,
    Susan x

  52. Ooh exciting! I'm a big fan of Scion at the moment. And Harlequin do some great wallpapers too. How about a trip to the local Interiors shop for a gander through the swatch books? HAve fun choosing.

  53. I have given this wallpaper thing a lot of thought. I scrutinised your 'shortlist' and decided I rather liked 'Whitby' as a concept...but then my own preferences asserted themselves and I couldn't leave you a comment straightaway.
    Now, I feel able to say, after this little reflection, that I DO NOT like wallpaper. Not any sort. I wouldn't put wallpaper - not even Whitby. I like simple and would have a contrasting colour and - as my walls are nearly always white or sand - this could be anything. In my house, it would be distinctly orangy - I just like orange, terracotta, rust - that sort of colour. With white, black and then lots of pictures or a wallhanging. There. Now you go and do exactly what you want, but I couldn't possibly say which of the wallpapers you should have.
    I would like a little personal space of my own though! Enjoy!

  54. How wonderful to get a craft room, so exciting! I have one too and it's the best. I managed to kit mine out with Ikea shelves and got a great desk in a furniture swop with my Sister. Having the sewing machine out and ready to use at any time is the single best thing about a dedicated room! I do love all your wallpapers, particularly backgammon and hepworth. If it was me, I think I've lean towards hepworth just to maximise the light in the room but, it's hard to tell without knowing the space. I'm sure what ever you decide will be fab tho, as you have beautiful taste!

    S x

  55. Lucky you! I must say, though, if those papers are your idea of not too bold, you are a bolder woman than I. I think one patterned wall will be fun. I have only one room with wallpaper -- my kitchen. The top half of the wall is papered in a very subtle taupe and white chicken wire pattern. The bottom half is white subway tile. I had to remove wallpaper from every room when we moved into this house, so I am wary of putting any up, but I like the look.

  56. I've used lots of wallpaper over the years mostly because of imperfect walls. What about one of those papers where they print your own favourite photos or pictures on? I've always wanted to try that but at present, don't have a suitable wall.

    viv in nz

  57. It would have to be Whitby for me! Although the Anthropologie one is beautiful too.... Frankly, I don't know how you'll decide - shame you can't do a collage of all of them! Mind you, that probably would be too much....
    And thank you for putting the link to my competition on your blog - results later today! x

  58. I now have studio-envy. Have it bad! No seriously, I just find it hard to stay in one room and I tend to trail all over the place. On the wallpaper issue, I would change things around so much that it wouldn't last. Love the question though, and I love looking at them. Please keep us posted on the make-over, can't wait to see it....:~))

  59. Dear Annie, this is such wonderful news!
    and I adore the Anthropologie paper (but find the backgammon too tiring to look at)
    but with you designing it, the room can't fail to be beautiful
    Barbara x
    ps love the idea of painting furniture too...

  60. I am VERY excited to see crafty space photos.....
    I really like the backgammon paper, but my favourite is the Whitby. It's gorgeous!!!

  61. Hi Annie, How exciting to have your own studio! We only have one wall in the house with wallpaper. I love Flight Navigation and Hepworth and also the cow parsley recommended in the comments above.
    I was thinking of taking up knitting again after about 20 years do you have any recommendations of something small and simple I could do to start me off?
    Sarah x

    1. Sarah, I've emailed you some knitting pattern recommendations :)

  62. oooh how exciting Annie, i adore the Anthropologie paper, it is just exquisite.
    I have "adopted" a room
    happy weekend and have fun with your plans
    love jooles x

  63. yay Annie! I'm excited you have a studio. I can't wait to see what you decide on for your wallpaper and see the creativity that comes from that little room.

  64. Hi Annie, can I just squeak in another comment to your most popular!

    How exciting to be decorating a whole new room from scratch - and just for you. I love Fight Navigation. If its only for one wall and the rest of the room is white I think you will get away with it. Its certainly bold and full of wonderful detail which may be very inspiring.... It's funny because I've never been one for wallpaper - at all - but this summer I papered the stairwell with Summer Palace, a Laura Ashley paper. It has totally transformed the space. I have taken down all the pictures and replaced them with a large old pine mirror that I painted with some left over F&B paint in Pavilion Grey.

    Look forward to hearing what you choose!


  65. Signature Prints ... Florence Broadhurst is the go! ...


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