All I want for Christmas ...

Christmas Eve c. 1901, Library Of Congress

Dear Santa

I'll cut to the chase, I need a new camera. I need yarn too, I always need yarn, but I really, really need a new camera. Don't bother the elves for anything overly fancy, a Canon 7D with a decent zoom lens will do ... it shouldn't set you back more than a couple of grand*. And I've been a very good girl, I promise!

Of course you'll need to wrap it carefully before shoving it into your sack, so might I suggest swaddling it in some of that yarn I always need. The elves should have no trouble rounding up a local musk ox or three, and they've clearly got the whole spinning thing nailed, with all the yarn that goes into the Christmas sweaters. So some qivuit then, agreed? Undyed, naturally. That would be marvellous, thanks Santa!

Actually, wrapping one of those sweaters around the yarn that's around the camera might be a good idea, for extra cushioning, just in case there's turbulence over Scotland or something. Hand knitted please, and less 'Sarah Lund in The Killing', more 'The kid in the Bon Iver music video', that would suit me just fine. But with pockets maybe, for those tickets to Iceland you promised last year but sadly 'forgot' to deliver?

I'll make sure I leave some port out with the mince pies (home made) and the carrots for the reindeer. Or we've some nice blackberry vodka, if you prefer.

Annie x

PS I got the front tooth sorted so you can stand down on that score!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Santa needs to see a wish list if he's to know what to bring! So, what's on yours?

Knitters, don't miss Nicole's 'Knit With Me' Gudrun/Quince & Co giveaway, there's a link in the sidebar.

* That's £2000, or $3200 ... I'll not be getting one, but a girl can dream!

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  1. Gosh, is it catching? I lost a front tooth today and ended up at the emergency dentist!! It could have happened on Christmas day I suppose...

    I hope Santa brings you everything your heart desires Annie.

  2. Annie, we know that Santa knows all, keeps a list, etc., but if you need any more references, I join your other readers in vouching that you've been extremely good.

    Happy Christmas! xo

  3. Oh, Annie I hope your Christmas is everything you hope for! I love how you "segwayed" into all those items on your list. I had a list last year and I was going to make one this year but trying to stay frugal and really don't "need" anything so I haven't made one. I was so full of the Christmas Spirit and then we had that school shooting on the East coast of all those little children and I haven't been able to get back in the mood. I think all I want is to be able to live in a world that makes sense to me....I know I'm asking a lot!
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday time and I hope you awaken to yarn everywhere and not the cheap stuff either! LOL! Oh, and a nice camera too. Hugs!

  4. This is such a fun post! Pity Santa isn't that obliging :D
    Hope you have a lovely Christmas! Glad to hear you got the tooth sorted

  5. I hope you've been a very good girl!!! ;)
    Glad you got the tooth fixed. :)
    Vivienne x

  6. What's the point of being a good girl if Santa won't deliver?!!
    Have a great Christmas xx

  7. I like the way you think! (and thanks for the link)

  8. oh knickers! I've been super good meself so I really think Daddy Christmas could be obliging where I am concerned too.......I'm all for sending off a petition to FC using the same approach as yourself. Haven't you used diplomacy throughout and in a most congenial tone....personally I feel your request to FC is perfectly viable and practical, taking into account how considerate you have been to highlight the type of packaging that could be employed to protect such a tiny gift as a CANON 7D. However I do feel you may be pushing it a tad bit too far where the tickets to Iceland are concerned perhaps you should retract on that one...just a thought. I'm glad you have got your tooth fixed prior to this plea I think Mr Santa Claus would probably have been advised to avoid that sort of wish due to possible health insurance issues.
    Merry Christmas dear and may your wishes come true. :-)

    Amanda :-)

    1. and I forgot to add the photo is soooo .... sooo it!

  9. I wonder if Santa is a blog reader...or maybe he's a blogger? I hope he reads yours if he is 'cos that's a pretty powerful hint. Glad your tooth is sorted!

  10. really hope Santa will bring you that camera!!!! I know you are on the "nice list"!!!!
    xxx Ale

  11. I read a funny Christmas quip the other day, "Naughty is the new nice." If that's the case then I'm going to be inundated Christmas morning. I hope your wishes come true.
    Have a fab Christmas,
    Anne xx

  12. Golly, I'll take some of that yarn too - if there's any to spare.

    Otherwise all I want for Christmas is to meet a looming pattern commission deadline calmly and efficiently - while entertaining houseguests and finishing up all the last-minute preparations. Otherwise, everything I want I have. :)

    Glad to hear the tooth is sorted. And when you hang up your stocking, be sure to wear undies - or just make sure there's no one lurking behind you with a camera. ;D

  13. Ooh, good list! So happy you didn't have to resort to Kris Kringle DDS and that your tooth is all sorted.

    I was quite lucky to get some lovely birthday gifts, so other than a new pair of slippers I don't need much. Although now that you've got my wheels spinning... a new lens would be nice. And that sweater, yes - though it'll have to be in cotton or bamboo or something as I suffer my family's affliction of not being able to abide wool. It's a curse more like it if you ask me, tragic!

    Have a splendid holiday and all the best to you and yours!


  14. Wow! That's some Christmas list! I like the way you presented things in your little Santa Claus story ... I wonder what he'll think?!
    Glad to hear your tooth is fixed and now you can smile again!
    That little boy in your film clip seems to live in a Hobbit house. He can really make those stones hop across the water's surface too! Nice to hear some music that isn't "Jingle Bells" at this time, though I am playing beautiful carols from St. Paul's Cathedral and King's College choir.

  15. You know what I want, lovely Annie! Extremely good health, the all clear, my family restored to happy normality and maybe a little trip to the beach to absorb it all. 2013 clean and fresh and dandy...that's what I really want!

    1. I would happily give up every one of my gifts if Santa would stuff that in your stocking instead, my faraway friend x

  16. Dear Annie,

    I could send Father Christmas a character reference for you, perhaps? I'm so glad your tooth has been fixed and hope it didn't set you back as much as our dog's operation... :-)

    I'm going to suprise myself by saying that I don't need anything for Christmas save a healthy family (it's been a little dire here recently), a dose of the usual festive magic, and rosy, smiling faces. I also hope my brother behaves ;-)

    So sorry I've been quiet recently. Crazy times.


  17. Hooray for being able to eat Christmas dinner with all one's gnashers. Even if the bill probably ate into the 'if Santa doesn't provide' camera fund. I've got one of them going too. And Santa just informed me that the prices are bound to come down after Christmas, so if I could just hang on a few more months.....

  18. Ho Ho Ho Annie, after reading this post I think me list got somewhat longer! Really pleased your tooth is sorted and ready for munching over the festivities. Lets hope Santa is not suffering from the recession and can sprinkle his glitter in our lives :o) !! Oh and some soft undyed skeins would make perfect snow in my world too xox Penelope

  19. Excellent post Annie, you made me chuckle! My list is very similar to yours. He can hold on the camera, but a new lens would be nice and I wouldn't (ever) say no to more yarn either!

    S x

  20. Hope you got the message through to FC.
    You deserve all!
    Have a lovely Christmas and we will all have a great 2013. Positive thinking.

  21. Hi Annie, glad your tooth situation is sorted- there do seem to be quite a few tooth related posts around blogland recently!

    I hope you have a brilliant Christmas, and look foreward to future posts from you. Lxxx ps hope you get a few of your 'wishes' if not the BIG one!!

  22. Hello Annie I hope that Santa is reading your blog and that all your Christmas wishes come true :) So glad your tooth was fixed in time. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!
    Helen x

  23. A very modest wish-list, Annie.:D I know it sounds too good to be true, but I don't actually have any special requests for Santa this year, though a little surprise or two would be nice.

    I hope Santa comes up trumps and I wish you and yours a very happy Christmas.

    PS I just love your illustration. So sweet. :D

  24. Hi, Annie! May all your small and big wishes come true:0 I'm sure, Santa will take into account your nice and kind letter to him:)
    Have a Merry Christmas! *** Anna ***

  25. Let me know if the letter works, then I'll give it a go myself. Glad you managed to get the tooth sorted, and I hope the rest of the family are on the mend too.

  26. Hi Annie,

    Your wish is totally justifiable - no point having fabulous yarn without an equally fabulous camera to photograph your creations with :-) Maybe you could ask Santa for an advance on the next 10 Christmases so you can get the camera this year?

    I shouldn't have a list this year, a healthy newborn is as good as it gets really, and I'm assuming a wish for a little more unbroken sleep is beyond Santa's job description. I've been hinting for a sewing machine all year but I don't see a box of such dimensions under the tree.

    Soooo glad your tooth is all sorted. Nothing worse. Enjoy your weekend!

    Mel x

  27. I hope Santa hears your christmas wish Annie and I'm glad to hear that the tooth is sorted. My only Christmas wish is for Toby to have a good day on the 25th, that would be the perfect gift for me. Wishing you and all your family a very happy Christmas and may some lovely yarn be yours on christmas morning xxx

  28. Hey Little Miss Greedy Pants, you've already got everything you wanted for Christmas ... two front teeth ; -) !!!!!!

  29. You should really layer up in this cold weather, or so they say! Layering up Christmas presents, that's a great concept! Thanks for all your support, have a great Christmas! :) x

  30. What a great picture and post......!! from me.....happy

  31. I love your idea of having your gifts wrapped in lovely yarn! And why does the song "All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth" keep running through my head? :-)

    I hope you have a very joyous Christmas, Annie. Thank you for the gift of your blog this past year. It is always such a pleasure to read!

  32. For once in my life I haven't made a list! I'm letting Santa and the elves go freestyle. It's possible that my lack of the "wanties" means I am getting old. (After reaching the age of 65, whenever my father bought himself anythig new, he used to say "that'll see me out"!). On the other hand your link to the giveaway certainly made we want to win that book, so there's hope for me yet.

  33. Well, if you've been reeeally good, you never know.........

    Top of my list? What's been there since I was a little girl (with aspirations of being just like Shirley Abicair). A zither. Bet it's on my list next year.

  34. I do love the picture, so sweet. And glad that your tooth is sorted out too.
    Just a little clearing in the building site will do it for me. Space for a chair. A side table to hold a glass and a book. A sightline to the TV.
    Take care, Annie, and have a great time.

  35. Beautiful...

    Did his rock turn into a bird????????????

    And I like your straightforward way with a List For Santa! :-)))))

  36. Beautiful jumper. Hope some of your wishes come true. If we're going to go for real wishes, rather than something grounded in a little reality, then I'll be asking Santa for a home in the countryside. One day! Otherwise just for us all to be well and happy.
    Have a wonderful time over the holidays. Juliex

  37. Tut tut Santa, honestly, he is so SLACK! Last year he totally failed to bring me any diamond stud earrings, or a Mulberry handbag. And not even the Smeg fridge! I may complain. It's a disgrace.

    Seriously, that jumper is gorgeous. x

  38. Annie,
    So clever the way you have suggested Santa can combine your gifts. I hope he is listening to you! My wish would be to have a healthy and happy family throughout the year. Thank you for making me smile and creating such thought provoking posts throughout the year. Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas.
    Sarah x

  39. Oh, for heaven's sake, you are nothing less than brilliant!

  40. You really are a gifted analyst, Annie. You have crafted such a clear communique to Santa, I am certain you have conveyed your wishes as well as how they can best be clever of you :)
    Merry Christmas! Oh, and I am so glad you do not need to ask for your two front teeth!
    xx from Gracie

  41. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas... and everything you wish for.

  42. Top of my list - a proper job for hubby. The rest would just be jam on the bread. Then I might get some actual new wool for my own self instead of castoffs (much appreciated as they are - I didn't get any say in them). Four years of unemployment is no fun and I hate having to accept charity. I try to do as much as I can for the community just to make things feel right but this time of year just isn't fun.

    I do like your post and glad you got your tooth fixed :)

    viv in nz

  43. No vodka... by the time Santa gets here to Canada he may be a bit tipsy and we wouldn't want to loose him in a snow drift.(there's 60 cm.of snow in some places here)
    Hope you get what you want Annie besides the fixed tooth.
    A Very Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    Susan x

  44. santa has totally ignored me for a few years, but maybe I was asking too much. But I've been good!! There is no 'too much' when you're good, that's the rule. I hope Santa brings you everything you want. Lots and lots of yarns, the best camera in the world, lots of money (that never hurts, right?).
    Merry Christmas!!

  45. I think your wish list is perfectly reasonable. Surely Santa will realize that as well?


  46. Surely he'll come up with the goods now you've mentioned the handmade bribes. Your requests sound perfectly reasonable to me but I'll say the same to you, that I say to the offspring, don't get your hopes up!!
    Merry Christmas xox

  47. Loving that peachy little bottom on your first photo...
    Hope Santa brings you lots of lovely surprises.

  48. If Santa brings you a new camera, can I have your old one - it takes wonderful photos! Hope you get just what you want Annie and have a very happy Christmas! Axxx

  49. Fab post Annie ..... my hubby just asked me what i was giggling at :o)
    A new camera is on my wish list too, not sure if i've been quite that good this year though!
    hoorah for the new tooth
    Merry Christmas, may it be filled with peace, love and happiness
    love jooles x
    P.S love the sweet little bottie photo!

  50. Happy Christmas Annie, maybe one of those three things will be there in your stocking when you wake up Tuesday? hope so! cause you've certainly been good!

    Here I'm just wishing for everyone I love to be happy and well (oh and perhaps a movie date?! a girl can dream ...)

    see you next year
    Barbara x

  51. Great letter, hopefully your wishes will come true. My youngest is going to Iceland in March should be an amazing trip.

  52. Wish you and all of yours a very happy Christmas and I look forward to read lots more of your fabulous posts next year.
    Rosie xx

  53. a girl can dream!!!! my dream list had a 300mm lens which I know I'm not getting, either, so I might as well put a new camera body on the list as well (I'm a Nikon girl, so how about a Nikon D4!!!!);

    I'm actually quite happy with holiday wishes of health and happiness with a little peace and goodwill thrown in!!!

    Hope your holiday is spirited and bright, Annie!!

  54. Hoping you have a very lovely Christmas! Maggie.

  55. Wishing you have a Magic Christmas and all all your dreams will come true :0)))
    With lot of love from Moscow
    Natasha & Fam

  56. Just popping by to wish you a very merry Christmas. Hope you have a wonderful holiday time.

  57. Happy Christmas Eve...

    Happy Christmas...



  58. nice list! I'd like a car that doesn't break down just as we leave my parents, so we have to drive home for Christmas in a tow truck.

  59. Have a wonderful Christmas Annie! My goodness blackberry Vodka sounds like just the ticket, but in any case I shall raise a glass of something chilled and bubbly to you and yours this Christmas Eve.

    Happy New Year!



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