Another random ten

1. I started a 'ten random things' cascade! My ten random things post inspired others to post ten random things, and those posts begat other posts which begat other posts, and so it goes on. If you joined the fun and I haven't commented on your post yet it's almost certainly because I haven't seen it, but if you share a link below I'll be sure to pop by.

2. I found another wild apple tree, a crab apple this time ... I seem to have morphed into some kind of apple tree finder! This one overhangs a stream that runs down through a fold in the hills, and I don't imagine that anyone much else knows it's there because it's in such a remote spot. And a pretty spot, with the water tumbling down over mossy rocks into still pools, and a gentle rain of petals all the while.

3. On my (decidedly random) shopping list this week: smocking dots, fridge door hinges, a flower press*, alpine strawberry plants, a new umbrella, and Doggles**. Obviously I also bought food!

4. Walking the whippets earlier this evening, along a bridle way we don't often choose, electric blue damselflies, the first I've seen this year, circling buzzards, and then, out of nowhere, a kestrel.

5. I absolutely adore ginger-beer (of the non alcoholic variety), and would argue that a picnic without it just isn't a picnic. Which might suggest that I was raised on a literary diet of Enid Blyton, but actually my mother disapproved of Blyton's books. You mention Noddy to her at your peril!

6. Hope is the thing with feathers***, and I'm reminded of it every day by two of the prints - lino cuts by Patrice - which hang in my studio. And every day that cheers me.

7. knitsofacto recently got a lovely mention in the Knit British podcast (at about 04.30), for which many thanks Louise. "Knitting, plus" she said, which sounds about right to me.

8. Bitey insects inevitably make a bee line for me (pun intended). I suspect I may taste of Green and Black's chocolate.

9. I'm married to a bear. Or rather to a man who's friends and family call him that. And I've been brainstorming ideas for a possible new blog name. The girl who married a bear was on the short list, until I discovered that there's more than one of us. The other one has a spectacularly good blog!

10. I always mistype brain as brian. Always have. Probably always will.

Would you play along again?

* Bailey's Home have a stunner, but whoa, the postage! £8.50!!

** Our miniature wirehaired dachshund, Wilbur, suffers from myoclonic seizures that are sometimes triggered by strong sunlight. His Doogles make summer bearable for him.

*** In the words of Emily Dickinson ...

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I've heard it in the chillest land,
And on the strangest sea:
Yet never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.

  1. I remember flower presses!
    But there's nothing wrong with good old fashioned books either ;)
    Green and Blacks - no wonder the bees are chasing you Annie lol!!

  2. There are a lot of us girls married to bears out here. I know you didn't ask, but I honestly think Knitsofacto is one of the cleverest blog names I've ever come across. It caught my eye immediately when I saw it on some other blog's roll.

  3. I love your new randoms Annie! Could you have I was married by a bear as your blog name? Just another thought to throw in the pile!! It is a hard thing to decide on isn't it. You really do seem to have spawned a random lot of randoms all over the world, I have seen them springing far and wide and it has been lovely so thank you for starting this! I hope that the doggles work - and that you can find a flower press - what about an old heavy dictionary or encyclopaedia instead? Might be cheaper and it is recycling! Gosh, I am full of unwanted advice tonight! I will shut up and go away! xx

  4. Lovely random filled post, I think you forgot to mention that you have an amazing sense of humor. By the way I love the name of your blog, the name of my blog not so much!

  5. i love to read your posts…..!!!
    xxxxxx ale

  6. Hi Annie,

    I always enjoy your wonderful posts - and loved all your randoms today.
    My flower press often gets used - at the moment I have some lovely purple pansies getting pressed.
    Ginger beer has always been a favourite of mine from a little girl and remember a few times the glass bottles exploding in our laundry, of a particularly fizzy batch. Noddy was a favourite of mine in fact I still have an annual I was given one Christmas, long long ago.
    Happy Sunday

  7. I've always thought "Knitsofacto" is really clever and catchy as well, I love it. But I know your new one will be just as good. I've been really enjoying the random things popping up, and I do think I have another ten in me. I have a bit of a thing about miniature daschunds, I'm trying to convince my other half that they're not really dogs, hardly more than a guinea pig. The idea of one wearing Doggles is utterly irresistible. CJ xx

  8. Doggies are a new one on me but for the sake of your pooch I'm glad someone thought of the idea.

  9. These random posts draw us into your world beautifully and make me smile too. I went over to The Girl Who Married a Bear site and love it, so thanks for that. I remember my auntie brewing ginger beer in her cellar, it practically burnt your throat it was so peppery. My brother when he was little was obsessed with Noddy, we even had an EP which he played incessantly. My grandma could never write 'Thursday' it always came out as Thrusday' which is what everyone in the family called it making fun of it. I love your poem too never heard of it before. Good post Annie

  10. I lived and breathed The famous five and Secret seven. Hours of pleasure. I love the Doggles! Heather x

  11. I had a Galt flower press when I was a little girl.
    My husband's Uncle Brian is always referred to as Uncle Brain (he's a prof).
    Doggles - I've seen everything now.
    My pinterest board Lashings of Ginger Beer might be just up your street.

  12. oh how I love random, I often do Friday random. My brother calls me Bear, when I was little he called me Tessie Bear, and now it's just Bear.

  13. More random things posts sound great. My huge collection of Enid Blyton got me through my childhood & ginger beer at a picnic is a must! My youngest son adored Noddy as a child & dressed up like him everyday. Doggles, what a wonderful invention!

  14. randomness seems to be my existence these days....loved the doogles. hmmmm wonder if freddy needs a pair? (probably not, but they are very cute! and obviously, very useful...poor pup of yours!) thanks for the reminder it's flower press time. must drag mine out of whatever random hole it got pushed into last year!!!!!

  15. Another great post Annie. I will rack my brains and try and come up with another 10 random things!

  16. Great post, as well as the first one and yes, you seem to have inspired quite a lot of people! I might have a go myself too!

  17. I do love the poem by Emily Dickinson - a new one to me but I will remember it. We have spent the weekend emptying our loft (and wondering where on earth it will fit in our potential (still not certain) new house) - and I found my old flower press......I have big plans for it and the kids this summer. Poor Wilbur - and what a good name for him too, somehow seems perfect for a mini dachshund. Juliex

  18. Hey Annie,
    I was thinking of joining the randoms happening. I love reading the randoms of others (I am v nosey).
    Leanne xx

  19. Love the random Posts Annie. Oh poor Wilbur! I adore Dachshunds too. We saw 2 of them at the beach yesterday and the Kids went crazy over them. I feel your pain on the insect thing. Mosquitos love me, they will leave everyone else alone but cover me in big red itchy bites. Mel x

  20. Another mosguito victim, I see! It is most unfair that my husband is left well alone and that these pesky insects feast on me.

    I enjoyed the poetry of your ten random things, Annie. Isn't spring an amazing inspiration trigger?

    Wishing you a happy week. I've just returned from a wonderful weekend in Paris and am loving the pure air in our parts as temperatures escalate to the late 20°s.


  21. my husband likes ginger beer, with and with out alcohol and it's scarce here in the US (he was a boy in England, back in the day). So sometimes when we see it we buy a six pack and he tells of how it is almost like what he drank as a kid :)

    lovely list. Glad some food made it into your shopping cart ;)

  22. I can't play along again until I actually participate for the first round, which is on my schedule for today. I hope I can come up with ten random things that aren't repeating stuff I've already blogged about. Bees and wasps fly directly at me, too. You might be onto something with your theory about it being because we taste like chocolate. :-)

  23. Doggles are just brilliant aren't they? Hope you find a flower press, I haven't pressed flowers since my girls were young - they used the pressed flowers to make birthday cards. Am with you on ginger beer and Enid Blyton. I love your current clever blog name, I'm sure your new one will be just as catchy. Have a lovely week.
    Jane x

  24. How lovely of you to drop by Annie. I have some serious catching up to do here.
    I found the hamster on your face on your last random post a bit alarming.
    We got some Doggle's for Arthur who has 'Panus', a problem with his eyes. He doesn't see too well. But him and them didn't get on well together, so after initially trying, they remain on a shelf. Shame as I thought he looked rather spiffing in them.

  25. All bitey things seem to seek me out too, and quite possibly for exactly the same reason.
    Have a lovely week Annie,
    Kate x

  26. Ginger beer and apple blossom, well if they aren't two of my favourite things. As for the random 10, here's my contribution.

  27. I like the idea of ginger beer more than the reality! If you take a bottle of ginger beer on a picnic then it has to be a glass bottle and wicker basket though. Couldn't resist joining in this time at Life in Mud Spattered Boots, as life does seem a little random lately!

  28. Thank you for sharing Emily Dickinson's poem...she is one of my favorite poets. I loved reading your list. I bet little Wilbur looks quite adorable strutting in his Doggles.

  29. Just catching up after the holiday. I love your list - especially item 3!!

  30. Fabulous Annie. I love ginger beer too and grew up reading Famous Five and Mallory Towers. Not Noddy though, no thanks. I think your blog name is brilliant but I know that whatever you change it too will be equally brilliant, such is your creative brian, I mean brain.

    I want to write ten more randoms, but really opinionated, ranty ones about all the things that piss me off. It's probably best that I don't do that! xx

  31. I love these random posts Annie ... I too get eaten alive by biting insects ... on one particular occasion on holiday in Slovenia I counted 33 mosquito bites ... one was not amused ;) ... Bee xx

  32. Do you need to change the blog name Annie? It's short, snappy and brilliant. And even if the scope of your writing has expanded beyond the original it is still the name that has become synonymous with you. It's now a brand and there's surely too much invested in it to lose it.

  33. Oh a woman after my own heart! Ginger beer and Enid Blyton!! We cracked open a bottle of our homemade supply tonight :)

  34. I love reading about your random things. We had a daschund too many years ago who also had myoclonic seizures. I wonder whether that breed is prone to it or whether it is just a co- incidence. I'm glad you have found something that helps him. Sarah x

  35. life is too short to be too serious, so I'm playing along...;-)

  36. I have been loving these posts everywhere Annie .... they are great reading, I will try to get round to writing one soon.
    When I was at primary school my best friend's dad was known as Bear, the name always fascinated me, he was very hairy!
    love Jooles x x x

  37. I do love your ten randoms Annie and I'm not surprised it has caught on. I'd love to play along and hope to after the school break. Enjoy your secret apple tree - it does sound a rather magical place x

  38. Your random posts are great and it is such fun. I thought it would be easy but I'm an struggling to find any interesting random things about me. I loved the famous five . I had hours of fun reading about their adventures,thanks for the memory.

  39. Hi Annie, great post. I like ginger beer too, and we had a flower press that we found in a second hand shop, it even had some pressed flowers in it! The previous owner had used newspaper in-between the flowers and they were from the 60's and 70's, some of the ads and articles gave us a laugh. I would like to join in with 10 random facts too! Oh, and I like your blog name, its great.

  40. Another lovely post Annie! I don't know what ginger-beer is, alcholic or non-alcoholic, but it sounds like it would be yummy. And it's fun to think that bitey insects might be attracted to us based on our eating habits. Or maybe not so fun since I eat too much sugar!

  41. A bit late to the party but here's mine

  42. My husband eats as much as a bear but is more of a wolf. Possible new blog name? That was a surprise. To with your gut I always say. This was fun random 10 to read. Your poor doggie. Glad those goggles are helping him.

  43. I've been looking for a flower press too, at car boot sales. Failed. Bought bolts with the intention of making my own. You can imagine how far that has got…

  44. I love these sort of posts and I'd love to play along but I'm just too tired this week to even think about a blog post... maybe next week! Loved reading yours though Annie.

  45. Lovely random things, Annie, and I'm in agreement with you about ginger beer, having misspent part of my childhood reading Enid Blyton's entire output (apart from Noddy). :-)


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