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The Big List of Yarn Shops

My gift to all those searching for great British yarns ...

and to knitters anywhere in the world aiming to reach SABLE
aka Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy!

The impatient among you can scroll down to go straight to the yarn store listing, although the notes below might prove useful.

Being a seeker after woolly variety and living in an out of the way place I shop for most of my yarn online. Almost all of the stores I list here I have ordered from and the few that I haven't have either been highly recommended by knitters I know well or supply one of my favourite, often hard-to-come by, yarns. The list is added to regularly, and the info given is updated periodically. Occasionally stores are removed from the list, usually because they no longer supply the yarns I was buying from them, or they may have stopped shipping abroad. Other removals are temporary and reflect temporary fluctuations in yarn availability and the like. You'll find suppliers you'll know alongside suppliers you probably won't. But because I'm generally happiest knitting with premium, natural fibre yarns you may notice a lean towards the 'high end' stuff. Don't worry though, there's something here for everyone!

Read more of my general thoughts on yarn here and here, interviews with the yarnies behind Meadow Yarn and Eden Cottage Yarns, and my advice on how to deal with moths.

Please note: the opinions expressed here are my own and I have benefited in no way from sharing them with you.

NOTE All the 'buttons' link to the relevant website, hover your cursor over them to read a short store review. In some cases I've added notes such as 'Paypal accepted' and 'Ships worldwide', but almost all of these stores deliver internationally and accept all major credit and debit cards and Paypal. All of these yarn retailers are worth checking out but my absolute top recommendations get a tick. A flower symbol indicates that eco-friendly, organic, and/or plant dyed yarns are available. If the image is pink and not grey that means the store has recently been added to the list.

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United Kingdom (New stores added and store info updated 16.03.14.)

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European Union (New stores added 16.03.14/update of store info pending.)

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USA (New stores added 16.03.14/update of store info pending.)

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* Please remember that if ordering from abroad there may be VAT, import duty or similar to pay. In the UK, at time of writing, this is not the case if ordering from within the EU, but will apply to goods ordered from Norway, Iceland and other non EU countries, the USA, Japan, Australia, etc. unless the total value of the order, including shipping costs, is no more than £15. For currency conversion I use

* Stores in Australia/NZ, Japan, and Canada will be added at a later date.

* Looking for a yarn store near you, or to visit while on holiday? Try knitmap, a searchable catalogue of yarn stores from all over the world.

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Disclaimer. A store's position in the list will be alphabetical or random and should not be assumed to indicate any kind of ranking. Any quoted stocks, prices, and special offers are of course subject to change. And please note, these are my personal recommendations and none of the entries in this list have been sponsored. Enjoy!

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